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About CT OL

Operation Lifesaver Incorporated is a nonprofit public safety education and awareness organization dedicated to reducing collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail crossings and trespassing on or near railroad tracks.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation administers the Connecticut Operation Lifesaver program. We are partnering with various state and local government agencies, community organizations and private companies to convey Operation Lifesaver’s important rail safety message throughout the state.

For additional information about the program, please contact the Connecticut State Coordinator, Kevin Burns at 203-497-3381 or email at

CT OL Events

Valley Railroad - Day Out with Thomas (the Tank Engine) - August 29-30 & September 5-5
DMV Community Safety Blitzes will resume once the current pandemic subsides.

CT OL Safety Partners

Connecticut Department of Transportation
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protections (State Police)
Connecticut State Department of Education
Metro-North Railroad
Valley Railroad - Essex Steam Train

CT Presentations

Please contact the State Coordinator Kevin Burns for presentations or special events.


Kevin Burns is the state coordinator for the program. The coordinator oversees the everyday operations, attends special events (fairs, community safety blitzes), maintains the program supplies, conducts presentations, keeps track of the base of volunteer presenters, trains new volunteer presenters and guides the program to accomplish the Operation Lifesaver mission.

The Connecticut Operation Lifesaver program accomplishes the mission by using three principles:

Education – this is Operation Lifesaver’s main purpose, to educate the public regarding railroad safety. There are presentations for students (K-12), new drivers, school bus drivers, truck drivers, first responders and the general public. The presentations are scripted and provide a unified national message.
Engineering – Operation Lifesaver supports and encourages innovations that reduce collisions. We work with local and state officials to improve fencing and crossing safety.
Enforcement – Operation Lifesaver partners with law enforcement for safety training and relays various enforcement issues to their attention.

Connecticut Operation Lifesaver is continuing its outreach efforts, targeting school districts with presentations, working with our partners, seeking volunteer presenters and committing to the Operation Lifesaver national mission. We have presentations for:

K-2: Sly Fox and Birdie video
3-5: Tracks Are For Trains, Not For Kids
Middle School: Are You In Control? Video
High School: Cheating Death. Video
New Drivers: Cheating Death. Video, Emergency Notification System Sign Video, Ryan’s Brain video

School Bus Drivers: Decide Smart, Arrive Safe Video

Professional Drivers: Stay Alive When You Drive video

Law Enforcement: Emergency Notification System Sign Video, Roll Call: Highway Rail Safety Video, Rail Safety For Law Enforcement – Video, Emergency Response – Your Response First - Video, Stop Train Tragedies – Law Enforcement video

First Responders: Rail Safety for Emergency Dispatchers - Video / Emergency Response – Your Response First - Video, / Emergency Notification System Sign Video

CT Operation Lifesaver Committee


Connecticut Operation Lifesaver has a committee that consists of the Connecticut Commissioner (chair) of the Department of Transportation (or their designee), the Connecticut Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles (or their designee) and the Connecticut Commissioner of the Department Emergency Services and Public Protection (or their designee). The committee can have various advisor members, such as railroad professionals, municipal officials, Federal Railroad Administration officials and other safety professionals.

According to the state statute (13b-376) the Operation Lifesaver Committee shall: (1) Administer and operate the operation lifesaver program; (2) establish committees to promote the program on the local level; (3) educate the public with information designed to reduce the number of accidents, deaths and injuries at railroad and at-grade crossings; (4) encourage state and local law enforcement agencies to vigorously enforce the law governing motorist and pedestrian rights and responsibilities; (5) encourage the development of engineering and safety improvements; (6) encourage the maintenance of railroad and at-grade crossings; (7) make recommendations to the General Assembly implementing the purposes of the committee. The committee shall annually review its progress and submit its findings and recommendation to the joint standing committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matter relating to transportation.

The Connecticut Operation Lifesaver Committee will be meeting at least twice annually. The date and time will be determined by the chair of the committee.

Contact Us

Kevin Burns Connecticut Operation Lifesaver State Coordinator

203-497-3381 (office)

4 Brewery Street, 3rd Floor
New Haven , CT    06511